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This car took part in all races of the 2013 World Championship.

The BMW 320 TC is the further development of the BMW 320si WTCC. In 2011 the FIA ​​introduced the Super 2000 Kit Variant package which allowed teams and manufacturers to swap out the engines of Super 2000 race cars with 1600cc turbocharged engines.

BMW Motorsport made their own version of the new engine, which was available to customer racing teams from 2011. Very few cars (about 10-12) were upgraded from the S2000 to the 1600 TC.

As the S2000, this car won the single driver championship in 2008 and 2010 with Hernandez.

In the 2013 season the car was operated by ProTeam for Mehdi Bennani. Also in the next few years the car competed with different drivers like Porteiro and others...

This car is available with many spare parts including a spare engine, wishbones and dampers, turbos, body panels and much more.

Mileage of the engine in the car: 4,871 km.
Mileage of the replacement engine: 6,260 km.
Both the engine and the spare engine still have their WTCC seals on them.

With only a few cars built and the history of this car, it's a must for any passionate BMW touring car enthusiast.