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  • Samsonas Dogbox Mitsubishi Evo 7/8/9
    !!! Because the contact form from the website doesn’t work please write me directly to my email address : !!! Samsonas Dogbox Mitsubishi Evo 7/8/9
  • Sadev

    Sadev / Parts

    SADEV SCL82-17 SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX FOR CATERHAM Ford type 9 for Caterham - new Transfer Equipment - 19-20 1er- 14-32 2-16-24 3-20-26 4-21-23 5-20-19 6-29-24 Clutch shaft F 9033223- for Fo...
  • BMW

    BMW / Parts

    BMW M3 S14 Engine and Getrag 265 Gearbox
  • Subaru Impreza

    Subaru Impreza / Parts

    Am selling a dogbox Hewland Kit for Subaru in perfect condition, 0 kms after rebuild – everything checked. 5 speed gearbox
  • Sadev St 75-14

    Sadev St 75-14 / Parts

    In very good condition and this is a complete gearbox. Come with the driveshaft . This gearbox is in excellent condition and the final ratio 12x61.Contact me if interested
  • Volkswagen

    Volkswagen / Parts

    vw motorsport 6v 02A dogbox The dogbox includes shifter vw motorsport with cables. The gearbox is in good condition and work excellent.The ratio are below 1 course 2.90 2 course 2.27 3 cou...
  • Sadev St 75-14

    Sadev St 75-14 / Parts

    SADEV ST 75 acceleration sensor gear lever and rod with shaft clutch too complete gearbox For sale
  • Porsche 911

    Porsche 911 / Parts

    Zum verkauf steht ein Porsche 915 Getriebe mit Allradausgang und Freilauf für Motorsport.Mit Sperre Kettenkästen als versatz Klauengeschalten 4Gang.Sollte so die stärkste Ausführung sein die es f...
  • Seat Leon

    Seat Leon / Parts

    6 Speed gearbox from Seat Supercopa. Identification code 02M. Rebuild 2014 with limited slip differential. 2 shaft Version - was run in only 2 races and used as spare part. It is also possible to mo...
  • Hewland MK

    Hewland MK / Parts

    Hewland MK9 5 speed gearbox for sale. This gearbox is perfect working condition and freshly rebuild with new parts. Contact me for more info.
  • All all

    All all / Parts

    I have a Sadev St82 14 For Sale. Cosmetic condition and comes with all accessories and installation parts. Thanks
  • Mitsubishi EVO

    Mitsubishi EVO / Parts

    Gearbox 6 speed PPG of mitsubishi evo X. This gearbox has done 120kms since revision. Comes with complete selection lever, wiring, box cut and beam. excellent working conditions. Thanks
  • Renault

    Renault / Parts

    This is a perfect Renault Clio JC5 Samsonas dogbox for sale with Sadev LSD and driveshafts. It has only done 85kms since rebuild. Interested buyer should please contact me. Thanks
  • Sadev St 75-14

    Sadev St 75-14 / Parts

    Perfect used Sadev ST75-14 6 speed Sequential dog ring Gearbox for sale. Contact me for more info and detail photos. Thanks
  • Mitsubishi EVO

    Mitsubishi EVO / Parts

    I'm selling a Drenth DG500 6speed sequential gearbox. This gearbox is new and has 0km. If you are interested in buying the gearbox kindly contact me for more info and photos. Comes with Gearbox...
  • Hewland Hewland

    Hewland Hewland / Parts

    I have Rally / Racing Gearbox 01E Hewland for sale fully rebuild 6 speed with Limited Slip Differential (LSD) max speed 220 km/h (140mph) 7200 rpm contact me for Any further questions
  • Peugeot 208

    Peugeot 208 / Parts

    This gearbox is in new condition never been used. For purchase please contact me.
  • BMW M3

    BMW M3 / Parts

    I'm selling my M3 E30 6speed Dogbox HTP correct gearbox. This gearbox is in perfect working condition and for more details, please contact me.
  • 1100 Euro

    1100 Euro / Parts

    For sale is a RC 111 6-speed racing-gearbox. 400Nm. Only used on 2016 season approx 300km. 0km after service. LSD with external pre-load adjustment. Clutch spline 7/8?-20. Bellhousing for zetec. Both ...
  • 00 0001

    00 0001 / Parts

    Used Xtrac 1046 with big list of Ratio available for sale. for more info please contact me and i shall supply you more info immediately. Thanks
  • MG MGB

    MG MGB / Parts

    MGB SCCR 5 speed Dog Box in 3 synchro case perfect condition.Assorted nuts, bolts and core plugs to suit the gearbox. This is a complete gearbox and ready to be fix.Contact me if interested. Thanks
  • Hewland Hewland

    Hewland Hewland / Parts

    Rare Renault 5 speed gearbox for sale. Same mounting dimensions as a standard 4 speed as far as I can tell. This gearbox is fully equipped before selling.The gearbox is in excellent working condition ...
  • BMW 2002ti

    BMW 2002ti / Parts

    The gearbox did only 2 races on the track an hour and 4 races hillclimb, so it is almost new, it has about 300 km.The gearbox as you see it is complete with everything and ready to assemble. Year of ...
  • Audi R8

    Audi R8 / Parts

    Audi R8 LMS / Ultra Gearbox - fully refreshed by Audi motorsports. Was run for only 100k. Fully working and ready to run. Car change for new season means this gearbox is no longer required that'...