Volkswagen Golf

Main information

GT Cars
2.000 16V


All-wheel power pure!!!
which guarantees driving fun from 1 km!!!

Get in and feel the pure all-wheel drive power. Thanks to the sophisticated racing genes of the RR400, it sticks balanced in every corner. So every single horsepower performs perfectly on the road.

Complete vehicle "Basic Clubsport" from 61,500.00 euros + VAT*

The RR will turn you into a racer in no time.

Engine: 4-cylinder turbo engine
Mileage: Vehicle rebuilt from leasing returns
Displacement: 1984 ccm
Power: 300 / 400 or 480 hp Type of
drive: All-wheel drive
Curb weight: 1,326 kg (Clubsport)

*= It is a vehicle (leasing return) rebuild, ie 0 racing km. Your Golf 7 is currently still standard, all your configurations can be incorporated into the project. Street legal possible.