BMW E30-E36

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We offer our reliable & fast BMW E30 325i Gr.A for sale.

The BMW was converted in 2013 on the basis of a 4-door 318i sedan from a street car to a racing car according to Group A regulations and has since been used in the Youngtimer Trophy mainly in the 2 & 3 hour races on the Nordschleife and on track days.

- 4-door E30 body with welded roll cage according to DMSB self -construction regulations
- Cobra seat without adjustment for the lowest possible seating position with 6-point belts
- M20B25 engine processed for size A with series intake/exhaust manifold (only 3 hours since revision)
- exhaust system with 2 FIA catalytic converters
- short shift lever
- coilover suspension with rear strut
- size A Uniball dome bearing in front
- brake line routed through interior with brake pressure control valve and shut-off valve for rear axle
- NFL 64 liter standard tank + catch tank & fuel pump in spare wheel well
- DMSB car pass for Youngtimer Trophy + size. H (can be freshly extended before delivery)
- 7 x 15 ET24 original BMW BBS cross spokes with Kumho slicks

Special requests possible by arrangement

Price VS depending on scope / accessories (wheel sets slicks/rain etc.)