Main information



- Ex-Loeb
- Very rare
- Totally checked and revised by PH Sport
- Low km, never crashed

We are selling the Peugeot 2008 DKR driven by Sebastien Loeb, in the official Peugeot Sport team, at the 2016 Dakar Rally for a 9th place and later also at the 2016 Silk Way rally (7th). The car was then purchased and maintained by PH Sport. This car has had few races and has never been badly damaged.

If we consider that according to sources, at most four or five 2008 DKR16s were built and that, among them, the C12 chassis, judged to be beyond repair following Cyril Despres’ big crash on the Morocco rally, was destroyed by PH Sport and that the 2016 Dakar winning C14 chassis is now part of the collection of an Austrian enthusiast, then, in the best-case scenario, only three 2008 DKR16s are still “available”. One is the #C16, which has the distinction of having been raced twice by Sébastien Loeb.

We offer it in exceptional condition after a full overhaul by PH Sport and of course in the 2016 Dakar official colours!

Price and complete sales brochure on request.